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If you use the View the folder properties option on a pre-configured folder, you’ll see that two tabs are available. The first, General, allows you to edit the folder name and description, open the folder again and set a quota warning. In the second tab. Sharing, you will find the ability to share or not share this folder with specific user groups. If a user is not a member of a user group, they will be listed individually. You also have the option to hide a particular folder from someone accessing the server from a remote location.

As you can see in the screenshot above, administrators have full access to all folders. You cannot modify sharing permissions for Client Computer Backups, File History Backups, Folder Redirection or the Users server folders, so don’t expect to find a Sharing tab when you view the properties of these folders.

The next category of Shared Folders are user-generated folders such as the Accounting folder we created earlier. Just be aware if you remove a folder, you destroy anything left in it! Fortunately, you’ll be asked to check a box that confirms you understand that you’re about to kill your data before the server will remove the folder. If you decide that you wish to stop sharing a user generated server folder, again it’s straightforward.

Highlight the folder and select the Stop sharing the folder task. When you stop sharing a folder, note that it will no longer be accessible via the Dashboard, Launchpad or Remote Web Access. But the folder isn’t deleted – it remains in place on the server and can be shared again at another time. Log in to ADAudit Plus. Note that in this example, Mark Lloyd has been given full control during this permission change. With these details, you can investigate further if you think the permission change seems malicious.

A similar report filtered based on the server you choose is displayed. To view the permission changes made by a specific user, go to the User Based Reports , and select the Folder Permissions Changed report. How do I set the permissions to allow a user to write to another user’s file? Server dashboard permissions screenshot. Hopefully this screenshot helps answer some questions.

This is the folder one level below the Server Folder, which contains the. MDB file:. Newly created files typically inherit permission from the parent folder. You need to look at, and fix the permissions on the parent. Unfortunately your screenshot is show us the sharing tab, which is probably fine. The parent folder should grant modify access to a group that all users are a member of that will apply to the newly created files.

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Manage Server Folders in Windows Server Essentials | Microsoft Docs.Windows Server Essentials folder permissions – Server Fault

It is recommended that you try and restore the folder from server backup. The Server Folders page of the Dashboard provides the following:.


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