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Free File Recovery Windows % Free File Recovery Tool Download.13 Best File Recovery Software For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

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Recover and un-delete files with Recuva, the award-winning file recovery tool by the makers of CCleaner. Download the latest version here. What Is The Best Free Software for Data Recovery? 1. Recoverit Data Recovery Free (Windows, Mac); 2. Recuva (Windows); 3. Puran File Recovery (Windows).

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software | Free Download | CleverFiles

Share on:. Exceeding the limit requires an upgrade to the premium paid version. Scans for files with specific file types. Regular formatting is usually quick because it merely marks the partition as empty without actually deleting the files stored on it, which means that you can recover them using data recovery software. It is a powerful tool that is meant to be used by individuals with extensive technical data recovery experience.


File recovery software for windows 10


Filters allow you to control the scanning process to only search for the type of files you want to retrieve. EaseUS addresses many data loss scenarios such as accidentally formatting a partition, inadvertently deleting files, or being hit with a malware infection. The tool supports the recovery of hundreds of different file types and is compatible with all disk-based storage devices. The clear interface makes all features of the tool easily accessible, and this data recovery solution is suitable for users with average computer skills.

System requirements: Windows 11, 10, 8. Uneraser is a lightweight data recovery program by developer DiskInternals that offers top-notch retrieval capabilities. It utilizes a wizard-like recovery system that might not suit everyone, but it’s sure to be appealing to novices on account of how easy the process is to follow.

Recovery aside, DiskInternals Uneraser comes with incredibly handy extra features, such as a forensic disk imaging feature that allows you to create perfect copies of your storage media so that you can recover files in place of your physical drive to avoid further data loss.

Furthermore, its user interface is a bit on the outdated side and could use a nice update. But if you can get past its minor missteps, DiskInternals Uneraser remains one of the better data recovery offerings in the market today. R-Studio is a commercial data recovery software tool originally designed for use by data recovery professionals. Over time it has become more user-friendly and can now be used by anyone. The tool has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. R-Studio has extensive recovery options and is a true cross-platform solution.

Files can be recovered from any supported operating system regardless of the OS hosting the tool. This feature offers flexibility and eliminates the need to purchase multiple versions of the software. R-Studio recovers data from local and removable disks and machines connected to a LAN or the Internet. The tool has many advanced features that may not be necessary for the majority of data loss scenarios due to its design for an original audience of data recovery professionals.

The company also offers R-Undelete providing a simplified and wizard-driven recovery experience suitable for inexperienced users. Purchasing R-Undelete enables you to upgrade to R-Studio within a year while only paying the difference in price between the two solutions.

In addition to recovering individual files, MiniTool specializes in complete partition recovery. It is easy to use, making it ideal for users with little experience in data recovery. The interface of Minitool Photo Recovery provides a three-step data restoration process designed for use by any user. It recovers deleted files from many types of storage devices including hard drives and SD cards.

The tool organizes found files by extension type, making it easier to find the items you want. You can scan once and then perform an organized recovery of specific file types at your convenience.

Minitool offers recovery of many different file types including all popular image formats. One drawback to the tool is the inability to minimize the window while the program is operating. System requirements: Windows , XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. This tool is often referred to as DMDE and can be used to recover files from any type of storage media. It is designed to resolve problems with complex cases of data loss that other tools may not be able to handle.

This commercial product comes bundled with several freeware components such as a disk editor, partition manager, and a RAID constructor.

It is a powerful tool that is meant to be used by individuals with extensive technical data recovery experience. The tool provides satisfactory recovery performance and can recover lost partitions for your Windows machine. Recovery can be done by file system or file signature when the systems are damaged. While DMDE may not be the easiest tool to use, in the hands of users with technical expertise it is a powerful data recovery solution.

Scanning sessions can be saved for future access and customer support gets a thumbs up. Systools is a capable data recovery solution that does a respectable job of locating and retrieving your lost or compromised information.

It scans quickly enough, the app itself is fairly easy to navigate, and the price tag is quite attractive. Ontrack EasyRecovery has quite a few things going for it. It has its negatives though, including the fairly expensive price tags across the boards, the not-so intuitive interface, and a preview feature that needs to be enabled first before you can use it.

Data loss is an unpleasant part of the digital world that will impact many computer users at one time or another. Fortunately, data recovery software can help restore deleted files even if you have not backed them up. Here is a list of the best data recovery software for Windows. Updated on: Aug 4, Written by. Jeffrey Cochin. Disk Drill Data Recovery for Windows. Free Download. DiskInternals Uneraser. Fully recovered a file we were sure was lost for good! R-Studio for Windows.

It’s pricey, but it’s a big-dog tool, and it’s especially handy if you’re working in a multi-platform environment. Jacobi , pcworld.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery. But it doesn’t allow you to skip sectors that might halt a scan. Jacobi, pcworld. I have been only really started to use it since a few months and I am impressed. It has already helped me recover files from very specific circumstances in which no other tool would. Systools Data Recovery Systools is a capable data recovery solution that does a respectable job of locating and retrieving your lost or compromised information.

What is data recovery software? Data recovery software is a specialized application that is used to recover deleted files from digital storage devices. The software works with the raw data on the storage device and can restore files and folders that were thought to be permanently deleted.

Data lost from an emptied Mac Trash Bin or the Windows Recycle Bin can easily be recovered with data recovery software. There are many data recovery software options available that provide varying levels of functionality. A reliable solution like Disk Drill for Windows or Mac machines can recover over different types of files that were accidentally deleted from your computer.

How does data recovery software work? Data recovery takes advantage of the way modern operating systems delete files and folders from your computer. When a file is deleted from a Windows or macOS system, the physical data is left on the storage device. The operating system marks the space occupied by the file as available for use and removes logical access to the data.

As long as that space is not reused and the file is not partially or totally overwritten, it can be recovered with software. They use this information to recover as much of the deleted data as possible. If no corruption has occurred due to overwriting the lost data, recovery software can fully restore the files intact.

Why do you even need data recovery software? Not all data loss situations require a high-quality, commercial data recovery software solution. In some cases, you can get by with native operating system features.

In other cases, software will not help at all. Native OS features can often get your files back if you act quickly. This should be the first place you look for deleted data. You may also be able to recover your files from a backup, or by using other OS facilities such as the Windows feature of recovering a file to a previous version. Free software tools can be sufficient in some cases but are often limited in their functionality.

The tool may not recognize many file types, run very slowly, have a complicated user interface, or perform incomplete scans. It may be worth trying a free data recovery solution if the data is not particularly valuable or you just need a few files restored. More extensive recovery is often beyond the capabilities of free software.

Paid Software should be used when you have lost valuable data. Search results on www. Search the website.

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software. Also available for Mac OS X. Your browser does not support the video tag. Recover Data From a Variety of Devices. Recover Any Type of File. View More. Pentax: PEF. Fujitsu: RAF. Fujifilm: RAF. GoPro: GPR. Leica X2: DNG. Leica M typ, typ : DNG. Samsung: SRW. Canon: CR2, CR3. Epson: ERF. Konica Minolta: MRW. Olympus: ORF. Mamiya: MEF. Cinema 4D Model: C4D. Windows Icon: ICO. Luxology Modo: LXO. PostScript File: PS. SketchUp: SKP.

Visio Drawing file: VSD. All supported file types. STEP 1. STEP 2. Hard drive data recovery software for everyone. STEP 3. STEP 4. USB flash drive recovery hints and tips. STEP 5. Data Recovery Software for Any Data Loss Scenario Disk Drill is a flexible data recovery tool that can help you recover from virtually any data loss scenario. Accidentally Deleted Files. Empty Recycle Bin. Crashed Hard Disk. Formatted External Drive. Virus Infections. Lost Partition. RAW File System. Corrupt Memory Cards.

Technical Specifications Operating Systems Supported:. File Systems Supported:. Hardware Requirements:. Estimating Data Recovery Chances Not all data loss scenarios are equally serious. Recycle Bin. File deletion. Formatted partitions. Data corruption. Malware infection. Physical damage. Disk Drill. Recoverit Data Recovery. Stellar Data Recovery. User experience and price. Rating 5 star. Mac version of app.

Ease of use. Recovery speed. Phone support. Email support. Live chat. Tutorials built in app. Supported filesystems.

Deep Scan. Toolkit edition. File signatures quantity. Recovery chances. Quick scan. Deep scan. Allocate existing scan. Scan to locate lost partitons.

Automatic scans. RAW devices scan. RAID capability. Bad devices scan. Additional capabilities. SMART device status. Professional edition.

File preview. Hex preview. Preview during scan. Create and load disk images. Save and load scan sessions. Mount results as a virtual drive. Additional protection features.

As you can see from the table above, each data recovery software solution offers a slightly different mix of features and capabilities, which are available at different price points. Read more Close 1. Disk Drill Data Recovery Software As the table above illustrates, Disk Drill is the best data recovery software overall, offering an incredible array of features that make it capable of addressing all kinds of data loss situations—even those that seem utterly hopeless.

Recuva The free version of Recuva used to be great for addressing more straightforward data loss scenarios because of its unlimited nature, but the lack of attention it has received in recent years from its developers is starting to show. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard This data recovery software for Windows stands out with its support for over 1, file signatures, allowing it to recover even more obscure files. Customers and software guru say. Shep Pavlovic. I tried to recover deleted files on windows 11 after a major disk crash, your tool worked better than restore points.

Read more. Disk Drill for Windows analyzes your PC in order to rescue all those files you have eliminated, or that you have just lost. This versatile program is capable of restoring up to types of files. The Ultimate Data Recovery Toolkit. Partition Recovery Recover complete partitions that have been deleted or inadvertently formatted with the same ease as when recovering files.

Filter a specific file type Preview and recover specific file types to save time. Data Backup Backing up your data with the byte-level backup tool captures everything on the disk, even deleted files. Free S. Disk Monitoring Disk Drill provides S. Mount Scanning Results As a Disk You can mount the results of the scanning procedure as a disk so that Windows Explorer can be used to easily move the recovered files to the location of your choice. Download Disk Drill. Latest release: Disk Drill 4.

Frequently Asked Questions. Recover deleted data on Windows with this procedure: Download and install Disk Drill. Start the program and select the disk that contained the deleted data. Click the Search for lost data button to scan for lost files. Preview the recoverable data and select the files to be restored. Click Recover all to retrieve the data to a selected storage location.

What is the Best Data Recovery Software? You can try to restore deleted files on Windows using this method: Click on the Recycle Bin icon to open it and display its contents. Search for the file you wish to recover.


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