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Rock On! AmpliTube 4 comes with the built-in Custom Shop gear store feature that allows you to add gear to your collections any time a-la-carte or via collections. AmpliTube 4 can also be expanded with legacy gear from previous versions of AmpliTube via the Custom Shop. Ready for the ultimate guitar recording experience, that brings out every nuance of AmpliTube?

First and foremost, AmpliTube is all about the gear. In addition, AmpliTube 4 delivers the ability for you to swap out individual speakers in a speaker cabinet, a software first! Choose from 29 individual precisely modeled vintage and modern 12″ guitar cabinet speakers. Each amplifier has been modeled from scratch to embody a different aspect of powerfully classic British amplifier design. The result?

More preamp overdrive and crunch at controllable volumes. This dual channel, dual reverb head was designed for versatility with channel 1 voiced from clean to low level lead gain when cranked, and channel 2 voiced with enough gain to provide fearsome lead tones at low gain to screaming solo tones at high gain.

It was originally produced for players who needed more stage volume and sported a full watts powered by KT88 power tubes. The Brit Silver faithfully recreates the original Silver Jubilee down to every minute detail for hyper-real authentic Marshall tone.

It allows players to sculpt the tones they want, then save those tone presets for recall by MIDI control at any time. It features a bass shift, 2 overdrive channels, and 2 clean channels. It can even be found in a typical setup used in the most sought after recording studios.

It is made up of not one but two dynamic mics, one pointing straight and the other angled at 45 degrees. The phasing phenomenon generated by this setup produces pleasing high-frequency cuts, enhancing the boldness of the sound. New in AmpliTube 4 is an additional slot in the signal chain right after the amplifier pre-amp section but before the power stage. Most of you will recognize this slot as the effects loop or insert and it allows you to add in up to 4 daisy chained effects for signal processing before hitting the power section.

Thanks to an innovative visualization feature and flexible routing options, you can now stick your favorite stompbox into the post-cabinet rack section or in the effects loop rack, or swap your favorite rack effects for a slot on the pedalboard.

Also stock in AmpliTube 4 is an upgraded tuner section with our patented UltraTuner technology — the most precise digital tuner available. AmpliTube 4 can also be expanded with more gear via the Custom Shop. If you currently own a previous version of AmpliTube, you can use the Custom Shop feature to restore all of your gear from Custom Shop purchases and legacy gear.

AmpliTube 4 ushers in some amazing control features when it comes to fine-tuning and tone sculpting one of the most important components in the signal chain: the speaker cabinet.

Plus you can use any available cabinet with any amplifier — impedance matching in AmpliTube 4 is automatic so you never have to worry about blowing up your power amp! Pretty sweet. Want to hear what a Vintage 30 sounds like next to a Greenback?

No need to get the drill and soldering iron out, AmpliTube 4 lets you swap out individual speakers with the click of a button! AmpliTube 4 comes with 29 precisely modeled speaker emulations of some of the most popular speakers in cabinets today, with more available in the AmpliTube Custom shop. Now you can experiment with different speaker combinations to sculpt that perfect cabinet sound, all in the convenience of your personal recording space.

But what makes the new cab room even more realistic is the fact that it not only picks up the tonal character of the individual speakers, but it replicates the harmonic and physical interaction that occurs naturally between the speakers giving you the most realistic sounding environment available.

Imagine having access to 18 of the most coveted recording microphones of all time. Now you can. AmpliTube 4 comes with 3 highly coveted recording microphones and there are an additional 15 mics available in the AmpliTube Custom Shop.

AmpliTube 4 gives you the choices and ability to go hyper-real with your mic placement. And AmpliTube 4 not only picks up on the tonal characteristics of the individual speakers, but it actually picks up the physical and harmonic interaction between the individual speakers, surrounding cabinet and space between the speakers and mics.

Want to record in the garage? How about in a hardwood studio room with a rug? A cabinet isolation room? With AmpliTube 4, now you can. The Recording Room selection tab lets you choose from 6 different ambient recording spaces. Choose from a big live room, venue stage, two studio rooms, an isolation booth or a garage.

You can also select which pair of room mics you want use and then dial in the amount of stereo room ambience to your liking. The Recording Room selection adds a completely new level of hyper-realism to your guitar tone.

AmpliTube 4 now has a dedicated mixing environment for the speaker cab room. Never before has it been so easy to get hyper-real! AmpliTube works seamlessly with your favorite DAW as a plug-in, comfortably playing well with other plugs in the mix. This means several things… First, you can just hit record and start wailing as the tone inspires you. Need to add a layer? Drone riff? And with the new DAW section, you can do some other pretty nifty tricks. Audio waveforms accurately represent your recordings for precise editing.

As a learning tool, you can import any audio tracks into the DAW section, define loop points and use the built-in Speed control to slow down difficult passages without affecting pitch, and use the Pitch control to change keys without affecting speed.

Want to hear a passage at a different tempo or pitch? AmpliTube 4 lets you export your masterpieces however you see fit… as individual tracks or as one master file for mastering — the choice is yours. And you can export in a variety of file formats to suit your needs,. The 4-Track Super Looper may look simple, but in hyper-reality just like everything in AmpliTube 4 there is some pretty powerful stuff working under the hood.

Recording time is limited only by the amount of disk space you have on your computer. Just makes sense. Here you can activate a click track for the looper and set your tempo. The 4-Track Looper also lets you export your loops, reopen into the built-in DAW, or import them into other sequencers. The Super Looper lets you do amazing, hyper-realistic things inside the world of AmpliTube 4.

Today, IK Multimedia continues to lead the pack when it comes to model accuracy of all the elements in the complete signal chain with innovative solutions and ultra-accuracy that no other brand can match. Who do the top manufacturers in the industry trust to make ultra-accurate models of their gear? With nearly individual gear models available, AmpliTube offers more tonal variety than anything else on the market. We have modeled almost every amp and effect circuit ever produced since the birth of electric guitar and effects pedals.

No matter what type of tone you are aiming for, only AmpliTube has the right gear for it. All other product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with IK Multimedia.

Use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement. All rights reserved. Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Music Corp. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audience is coming from. To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy.

To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. I Accept. AmpliTube 4 Hyper Realistic Tone. AmpliTube 4. Upgrade to AmpliTube 5. Hyper Realistic Tone Get ready to have your mind and ears blown. Big Live Room. Studio A. Studio B. Stomp FX placed into Rack section. Stomp FX placed into Rack section – Edit mode. Rack FX placed into Stomp section.

Rack FX placed into Stomp section – Edit mode. How it works Chances are, you already know how it works. Infinitely expandable AmpliTube 4 comes with the built-in Custom Shop gear store feature that allows you to add gear to your collections any time a-la-carte or via collections. Gear Selection First and foremost, AmpliTube is all about the gear. New British models AmpliTube 4 welcomes 5 new classic amplifier models to the mix representing some of the best British tones from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Effects Loop New in AmpliTube 4 is an additional slot in the signal chain right after the amplifier pre-amp section but before the power stage.

Below are all the gear models you can add to your rig through Custom Shop. An iconic distortion pedal that has stood the test of time. This model alters the sound of the input signal by changing the sample-rate, cutoff frequency and by distorting it. This effect can produce very aggressive distorted sounds, more pronunciated than overdrive stompboxes. The Low pass filter is very creative when combined to high distortion levels.

First produced in , this is one of the most versatile distortion boxes ever made. From subtle crunch to complete mayhem, this pedal has been used by countless guitarists of all styles.

This hard-to-find vintage unit includes a built-in oscillator for infinite sustain. Hold notes to create amazing synth-like sounds or boost solos for more cutting tone, combined with classic distortion tones. Nothing compares to this pedal for pure distortion mayhem. From subtle to over-the-top, the SD-1 pushes amps harder without sacrificing clarity and tone. One of the most versatile distortion boxes ever. From smooth, light crunch, to extreme shred sustain and over-the-top gain, this pedal has been a classic ever since its release in the early 80s.

This model packs a whole powerful amp into a single stomp box. This effect is a model of a classic high end compressor. It is capable of mild compression or intense signal slamming, and does it all with a tremendous amount of finesse. This model is a clean, highly effective 1 octave graphic equalizer, capable of fine tuning and dialing in that perfect tone.

This is a clean sounding band graphic EQ. This stomp is an advanced filter effect. It uses the envelope of the incoming signal to control a synthesizer style filter. It is capable of sounds ranging from very simple auto wah effects to extreme never before heard filtering effects. This complex stomp effect uses an LFO to modulate the frequency of its filter. With the included BPM sync this is a very useful effect for creating interesting, moving guitar parts with a minimum amount of trouble.

Make your guitar sound like a sitar or like a synth-drone to create sonic textures nobody will think has been done with a guitar. A unique effect that can add synth-like drones and sustaining resonances to your parts.

Set up the scale you want the resonances to sing on and control the notes with your controller to create arpeggios and steps while playing. A powerful and deep beat synced filter effect. This will make your guitars and bass parts to sound like a rhythmic synth, if you want it! In addition to the wah effect it also features an auto function, allowing it to be used easily without an external controller.

This is a new exciting feature. This is a faithful rendition of a very sought-after wah pedal. Based on a multiple feedback opamp circuit, the pedal modeled here is a very expressive and unique wah pedal. This is considered to be one of the best sounding wah-wahs of all time. Jimi Hendrix used many fuzz box units like this vintage model which adds to the powerful sound palette that AmpliTube 3 can offer.

This effect is modeled after a classic germanium transistor fuzz stomp effect. Typically used on lead guitar, this effect has remained a popular distortion effect throughout the years.

This classic germanium transistor fuzz effect was the main fuzz box used by Jimi Hendrix. Often combined with a wah, this effect produced permanent sustain and endless distortion. Hendrix began using this fuzz box while playing in New York City before founding the Experience. A highly sought-after, rare fuzz box, it was one of the first commercially available floor effect units, making its first appearance in One of the most flexible flangers ever made, the BF-2 delivers everything from classic tape flange to over-the-top sweeps, vibratos, chorus and more!

Perfect for adding classic metal-style flange to your rig. It provides both analog Chorus and analog Vibrato effects, when in Chorus mode the modulation will be lush and slow, when in Vibrato effect the modulation will be faster and more noticeable.

While it has amazing warmth, it is also capable of very versatile chorus and ring modulation type sounds. Still, no flanger is more recognizable, making this perfect for hard-rock and metal tone. This effect is one of the most popular phase pedal of all times. Used by a wide range of first-class guitarists, this unit could add a little bit of shimmer to your solos or generate a smooth, watery effect while playing chords and muted strumming.

Try the Phaze Nine on bass, keyboards or vocals. This effect is a model of a classic analog phase shifter, capable of a range of phaser effects from gentle to outlandish swirling effects. You may wonder why it is called “small” when you hear it. This effect is a 3 voice digital harmonizer effect.

More than just a pitch shifter, this pedal will create 3 separate harmony voices with independent interval values based on a musical scale. Simply select the scale to use, select the voice and the desired pitch and play. The harmonized notes will be according to the selected scale.

This stomp effect is modeled after a classic dual voice octave pedal. It will produce two additional sounds, one and two octaves below the direct signal. This effect shifts the pitch of the incoming signal. This new pitch shifted signal is blended with the original sound to create harmony guitar leads or other types of dual pitch effects. One of the most extreme effects of all time, the original Whammy is a costly vintage find these days. From classic shred to the most aggressive modern metal, this is an essential part of any extreme guitar rig.

Add programmed rhythmic parts to your power chords and phrases with this powerful and creative beat synced slicing effect. Can be setup to create anything from the most amazing tremolos to the most complex rhythm effects that always stay in perfect sync with the beat.

This is an “auto volume” swell processor that can automatically create fantastic swell effects while playing without any manual intervention. Use it subtly to add groove to your rhythm parts or use it with deeper settings to create dreaming pads or string-like sounds. It recreates the original distortion circuit, adding upper octave harmonic content to the direct signal and creating as a result a unique overdrive effect.

Moving the octave knob will double your direct signal one octave below the direct signal. In this way you can make your melodic lines richer and fuller, expanding the frequency range. When in Chorus mode the modulation will be lush and slow. Отметим, что AmpliTube можно использовать как самостоятельный гитарный процессор, так и в качестве VTC-плагина, подключаемого к звуковым редакторам, цифровым рабочим станциям, и виртуальным секвенсорам.

Если говорить о функциональных возможностях, то их определяет количество эмулируемой процессором AmpliTube аппаратуры, используемой в гитарном тракте. И в их число входит множество моделей реально существующих гитарных и басовых усилителей, микрофонов, педалей и прочей современной и классической например, ламповые усилители аппаратуры с собственными многочисленными настройками.

Пользователю доступы и разнообразные VTC-плагины, не привязанные к каким-либо реально существующим устройствам. На данной странице можно скачать официальный клиент «IK Product Manager», предназначенный для скачивания и установки программного обеспечения от IK Multimedia разработчик AmpliTube и многих других программ для работы со звуком.

Из этого клиента уже можно будет установить последнюю бесплатную версию AmpliTube. Главная Мультимедиа Создание музыки AmpliTube. Автор: IK Multimedia Версия: 5.

Сообщить о новой версии. Скачать Совместимость: Windows 10 Windows 8. Языки: Английский. Снимки экрана 5. Принцип работы и возможности AmpliTube Если вкратце, гитарный процессор AmpliTube работает примерно по такой схеме: Захват сигнала с электрогитары, подключенной к компьютеру неважно, каким образом — через обычный линейный вход встроенной аудиокарты, специально предназначенного аудиопорта внешней аудиокарты либо USB-аудиоинтерфейс.

Обработка полученного аудиосигнала путем его «прогона» через разнообразные аудиофильтры, наложения аудиоэффектов и т.


AmpliTube – Download for Windows 10

IK Multimedia. Musicians First. Download Amplitube () for Windows PC from SoftFamous. % Safe and Secure. Free Download (bit / bit).


AmpliTube for PC – Free Download: Windows 7,10,11 Edition

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Amplitube windows 10 download.


Are you facing problem amplitube windows 10 download install AmpliTube UA for pc? It would help if you did not worry about it anymore. It has been updated on the last June 16, It is beneficial in our daily works. We will tell you the process of installing it on a PC.

Its size is 33M. Now the latest update version is released. This is most popular app cause they are 2. Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential gadget for most people. Communication is not only the purpose; there are a lot more. Some people do their shopping using their smartphones, book flights, pay their bills, and a lot of other things. The most amusing thing is, you can run the best Android or iOS apps and game in an advanced smartphone.

It will need only a few amplitube windows 10 download to run and enjoy it! Android emulators are amplitube windows 10 download high demand because they allow us amplitube windows 10 download use Android games and apps on PC. There are different привожу ссылку why you may want to use an Android emulator on your computer. First, if you are an Android app and game developer before you can launch your product, you have to test your product on as many devices as possible.

It works like a testing platform where a demo app comes to perfection. An android emulator can be used for performing this kind of work. Secondly, gamers prefer to use an android emulator for PC to play games smoothly. It is a better experience than smartphones. Amplitube windows 10 download, gamers do not have to depend on the mobile backup and also experience a faster processor and a larger screen.

AmpliTube UA is an android application. But you can install it on your windows or mac pc, too. Bluestacks, Nox app player, ko player, etc. The steps are…. It will hamper the performance. To mitigate the issue, you can choose to close other programs while the Emulator is running.

If you still have the problem, consider adding more RAM. It is tested and has no glitches. Whatever you do, communicate with people or play games, an app like this is completely handy. Always pick the best solution according to your need.

I try to record audio and guitar, but it starts cracking really bad. Getting something done is always mind soothing. Move on installing AmpliTube UA and enjoy your tasks. We appreciate your feedback on doing better. Amplitube windows 10 download my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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